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Lead Generation

With the innovative agent in mind, we set out to create a brisk yet high-octane lead generation tool by boiling down the most crucial elements of the typical listings website. The result is a clean-looking and vital driving force for your business. The Perfect Storm.

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Smart. Bold. Simple. Essential.

After several years in real estate marketing, we realized something was missing - an elegant and user-friendly listings website that just naturally converts. So we got to work to create a polished site that will be integral to your success; one in which every line, every image, every color is meticulously chosen and tested to perfection.

We are proud to place our name on our sleek, powerful, and fully-responsive sites.

We think you will be, too.

Just what you need

In our mission to provide you with a dynamic site with a focus on conversions, we threw away the bloated features agents were tired of paying extra for and users no longer needed. What you are left with is a potent array of critical and fully-customizable features you can put to work:

  • full IDX integration
  • track the activity of every lead on your site for individualized communication
  • advanced search you can tailor to your market
  • intuitive map search
  • native SEO friendliness and dynamic links for razor sharp ad focus
  • cutting edge retargeting to dramatically increase conversion rates
  • lead funneling right into your CRM
  • video-enabled blog and about me pages
  • community pages to draw in traffic from all over the web
  • text or video testimonials right on the home page

Just like you, we refuse to stay put.

While we are very proud of our creations and the success our clients are experiencing, we understand that our products must be always evolving, always adapting. So our sites see live changes every day.

By embracing change and listening to you, we will make sure neither of us is left behind.

Empowering each other

Our job is to listen. Listen to your concerns, your needs, your wants, and your ideas.

Through our trouble ticket system, members-only Facebook group, screen sharing sessions, or simply a talk over the phone, we will make sure your voice is heard. In fact, many of our best features have come from agent feedback.

99 dollars per month, no commitment

Our sites are $99 monthly. We don’t have any commitment level, and there isn’t a setup fee.  We simply charge you for your first month when you sign up and not again until 30 days after your site goes live.

It’s just that simple.


Perfect Storm

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Does your product work in Canada?
You bet it does!
We can connect your site to the majority of the MLS's in Canada. Shoot us an email to see availability in your market.
Can you connect to my CRM?
Good question!
We already connect to a lot of CRM's out there. Any time we run in to a new one we work with them to get a connection setup. So far we haven't ran in to too many that wouldn't work. Just let us know who you are using and we'll get to work!
Is there any training on how to use the system?
Absolutely! After signup, you will be invited to a private Facebook group where we have several training videos on how to use/change different aspects of your new site.

Keep in touch

Our helpline is always open to receive any inquiry or feedback. Please feel free to drop us an email from the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.