Those who wish to create success must first learn to face their fears.

Please understand that we all experience fears. If you are struggling with something, you are NOT alone! Feeling like you are the only one struggling with something, but everyone has fears. And a fear of rejection and reluctance to make calls are very common feelings for real estate agents.

How To Overcome Call Reluctance and Fear of Rejection:

#1: You MUST identify what you want most. Never sacrifice what you want most for what you want in the moment. Learn to be brutally honest with yourself. You will either have to learn to be told “No”, or you will have to learn to say “No” to the opportunities you want to create for yourself and your family! For example, if you don’t learn to become okay by being told “No” by a stranger, you will have to say “No” to your own personal goals, or maybe even have to say “No” to those who matter most to you. Would you rather have a stranger say “No” to you, or would you rather have to tell your kids “No” that you can’t afford to pay for them to go to college, as you were to afraid to do what it takes to create those opportunities for them? I know this sounds harsh, but the reality is we must get brutally honest with ourselves, otherwise the above scenario can become a reality.

#2: Track your numbers. Once you start tracking your numbers, you will quickly learn exactly how many “Nos” you need to get a “Yes”, which then allows you to attach to the process. Once we attach to the process, it makes getting told “No” so much easier. We then know, as an example, I need 49 “Nos” to get my 1 “Yes”. You can then turn it into a game.

#3: Ask yourself different questions. Instead of asking, “What type of rejection am I going to experience during this activity?”, ask yourself a better question: “What will the result be for my personal goals and my family if I don’t do this activity?”. This comes back to tip #1, in getting brutally honest with yourself.

#4: Practice your scripts. If I told you that tomorrow we are going to call 1000 expired leads, and you just showed up at my office, you may have massive fear and call reluctance, BUT if I told you to come to my office tomorrow, and we are going to call 1000 expired leads, and then gave you the script we would be using, and you spent three hours the night before practicing that script, the fear may still exist, but it will be much less. Spend time rehearsing your scripts; doing so will absolutely help!

#5: Take action! Like anything, we are typically not good at it when we first start, but the more we do it the better we get and the more comfortable we become.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A good book that will help with letting go of fear is “Go For No! Yes Is The Destination, No Is How You Get There” by Richard Fenton & Andrew Waltz.

Understand that the fear exists and is usually due to stories we have created in our heads about how bad it is going to go. These are just stories and is not reality, which is never as bad as we think it will be. Always remember why you are here, why you got started in real estate, and what opportunities you want to create for yourself and your family. Be willing to push through it and face those fears, It will pay off; I promise!

Thanks for reading!

  Joshua Smith, Realtor/Mentor/Entrepreneur

-Voted 30th Top Realtor in America by The Wall Street Journal

-Over 5,000 Homes Sold & Currently Selling More Than 1 Home Daily